Hoot Owl Ranch History

Here at the Hoot Owl, we brag about our peace and quiet,
the very dark nights that make the stars appear to be in your lap,
a place that allows you to move at whatever speed you choose.
Come and take a break from the fast pace of the World.

Experience country living at its fullest
Here on the ranch, we have hiking, bird watching,
Native American writing, wildlife, mountain biking, and a place just to rest.

The Hoot Owl was homesteaded in the late 1880’s by Crit Allen the home we live in was built by Mr. Allen and is made of hand hewn native stone in the late 1880’s, he also build a barn of the same stone which still stands today. 

The water on the Hoot Owl Ranch is supplied by two natural springs, there are a total of eight springs on this ranch.   Mr. Allen put the first phone system in the Kenton area. There are two other homesteads that make up this ranch which were owned by the McAllester family who left here in 1921. The Vanleer family came later to this canyon.

My uncle ( Lewis Williams) owned this ranch and sold it in the mid 50’s. Terry and I bought the ranch in 2005 and It’s nice to have it back in the family.  There are Native American sites on the ranch as well as  many different species of wildlife and birds.  The rock formation and vegetation are of great beauty.