The Hoot Owl

Hoot Owls at the Hoot Owl Ranch

Owls have been both revered and feared throughout history.  Virtually every culture has its own folklore regarding this beautiful raptor.

Native Americans believed owls were spirit guardians that could foretell the future. One legend was told that a young girl was turned into a beautiful owl with a long beak.  The girl became frightened and flew into the wall of a house, flattening her face and beak.

You can easily identify the Barred Owl or Hoot Owl by it’s distinctive call.  These owls are found across the United States and its said that their populations are growing in suburban areas.  It is believed that this growth is due to easier access to rodents.

The Hoot Owl’s favorite snacks are meadow voles, mice and shrews; but they’ve been known to dine on all manner of small animals including other birds.

He hunts at night flying silently on a 50 inch wingspan.  But during the day he likes to perch in the tall trees on the ranch and talk to the cowboys.  When you stay at the Hoot Owl Guest Ranch, listen for his signature call “Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you all?”  The answer to this question at the Hoot Owl is, of course, “We Do!”

Hoot Owl Call